Saturday, 23 November 2013

St Ann's Christmas Market

Had so much fun at a great church craft fair. We were there Friday eve and it was hopping busy! There was a little bit of something for everyone. We ate a pasta dinner, checked out the Lego build and of course admired the creativity of local talent.

We picked up the cutest doll bed from Angocrafts -- complete with bedding -- we'll have a very cozy teddy bear tonight. What a great deal it was and we enjoyed chatting while we were picking it out!

Also very impressed with the succulent planters from Simply Neglectable. 
These pictures just don't do them justice!

I also picked up a little something for my Mom for Christmas -- so Mom -- no reading past here.

Made by Barb Hunter of Forget-Me-Not Creations these are so pretty. Had a really hard time choosing just one colour!


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