Thursday, 19 February 2009

Getting Ready

So I am seriously trying to get organized to submit some entries to juried competitions. I have a real problem committing to just one type of craft and am scared that what i make now won't be what i want to make tons of in the future.

I am so envious of those of you who have one crafting passion. How did you whittle down the possibilities? Or did you always know that this was what you would make and sell.

In the past I have done craft shows with mosaics, jewellery, fabric origami boxes etc. But several years have gone by since I have done a show and I have pre jury jitters.

And profit -- there's always the profit aspect. For example I make lunch bags and small totes out of recycled shopping bags. But how much is someone going to pay for one of those? Considering how long it takes to make them I'd have to sell them for around $20. At Circle Craft that might fly -- but at a local craft show -- I'm just not sure.

If you've been in a juried show latley how did it go? Any tips?


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