Monday, 16 February 2009

Newest creations

The whole family (including me) has been sick this past week which has resulted in some unexpected at-home-time for me. Those that know me know this can only have one outcome -- new projects.

Puppy sweaters:

Here's Aja -- our newest addition to the family wearing one of her new sweaters. I'm not generally a fan of doggie clothes but she was just so darn cold outside during our numerous house-breaking expeditions to the back yard that something had to be done.

Once I had started making sweaters I got a little carried away ;)

As you can imagine -- she is no longer cold . . .

These sweaters are amazingly easy to make. They are upcycled human sweaters. In their former lives, these were the sleeves of sweaters. I chopped off the sleeve, salvaged some yarn from the same sweater and whipstiched around the bottom. I cut two slits for leg holes and whip stitched around those as well and voila -- doggie sweaters!


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