Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Which ones to enter?

First of all -- thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I feel truly blessed to have heard from so many of you!

OK -- so I think I've narrowed the field down to what I'm going to sell but now I have to decide which and how many fairs to do this year. Any of you have any suggestions as to which ones were good -- which ones were not so good?

I have to make a guilty confession -- I have had several e-mails in the last little while asking me for pointers in getting set up for craft fairs, where to start, which ones are good and I haven't responded to those e-mails -- i just don't want to steer people wrong . . . I'd love to hear any of your experiences in the various events throughout BC -- both as vendors and attendees. Were there any that stood out for some reason? Any that were especially good? I for one will definitely be going back to One of a Kind. I will also be visiting the Etsy sale on March 21st and will report back. . .


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