Sunday, 8 November 2009

Long Time No Blog!

I just don't know where the time has gone! I did get to the One of a Kind show this year and as always was inspired by all the fabulous things that people have created! I just got an e-mail that they have set next year's dates and that they will be in the new convention center -- and in Dec. I am really psyched that it'll be closer to Christmas next year as I thought Oct was too early this year.

I finally got around to updating the calendar on the website and now I have decided the whole website needs a new look. The design I have in mind needs some pics of some craft/ arts so I am looking for some fun crafty pics. I will be snapping lots of pics of my crafts but would love input from anyone else. So if you have a great pic of your creations let me know!

It took me several hours to add all the upcoming events to the calendar -- I can't believe how many fairs there are in the next few weeks -- now I have to decide which ones to go to! I will be going to the Circle Craft on Thurs evening and am really looking forward to it.

Any suggestions to other must-go-to's?

I have been getting twitter e-mails saying that people are following me so I had better pay some attention to Twitter. I do the Facebook thing and am trying to do the Blogger thing -- so Twitter here I come! Is there a trick to Twitter?

I will keep you posted on my craft fair visits and hope to hear about yours,



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