Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Abbotsford Shows

This past Sunday we visited the Second Annual West Coast Christmas Show and Abbotsford Arts Council's Christmas Craft Fair.

Second Annual West Coast Christmas Show
This is like a home show and really the only crafts in sight were some jewelry vendors. It was $10 to get in which I easily got back with the samples that were given out. Both my sister and I were fascinated by the foot bath which starts out a clear liquid and by the end of half an hour is filled with a rust coloured sludge/ goop. Apparently it sucks all the toxins out of you and the guy administering it can even identify your allergies. It was morbidly fascinating!

Abbotsford Arts Council's Christmas Craft Fair

This was a medium sized craft fair with some really nice booths. Admission was by donation and parking was free. They had a raffle that had tons of prizes (wish I had entered it!) The signage was pretty good and led me right to the Ag building.

My first stop was to my friend Shannon who there was selling her Little Fella Felts . I had a nice visit with her while my son built a snow man from one of her interactive displays. Shannon says the show started out slow but really picked up on the Sunday (much to her surprise).

These are some of Little Fellas' Interactive felt boards -- classic children's interactive toys that help children learn and are fun to boot!!  -- check out Shannon's Little Fellas blog at http://littlefellafelts.blogspot.com/

I had the pleasure of meeting Alison of District Thirty as I admired her display of necklaces (the pins are not stuck directly in the mirror ;) -- Her stunning pendants are all hand carved and I am coveting them big time. Look for her in upcoming craft fairs and take a look at her business cards -- they are pretty cool too!

Oh and I was also really impressed with Lonnie's Lamp Re Vamp Designs -- what a fabulous way to bring new life to old lamps!

Finally here's a couple of overall shots that I snapped while at the Abbotsford Arts Council's Christmas Craft Fair:

Till next weekend -- T.


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