Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Spring entries

One of my New Years resolutions is to get back into selling at shows instead of just visiting them.

How do you organize for the upcoming deadlines? I have never entered a juried show and am a little intimidated. I've been looking at the calendar and see that many of the deadlines are in just a couple of months away.  So I know I need to get organized. Do all juried shows need a plan of how you'll set up your display? Can I just sketch this or do they need photos? Hmmm -- so much to consider!

So I am back to the age old question -- which ones do I enter?

Should I only concentrate on a few crafts or should I make a sampling of all my crafts?

Here's some questions for you guys -- do you get tired of only making one type of craft and does it become a chore? Or do you love your craft so much that it's always rewarding to make it? I need to FOCUS!!! I have made so many different crafts -- and sold many different crafts that I am having a really hard time narrowing it down.

Just to name a few that I have made and sold:

Glass light boxes
Covered notebooks
Totes made from fused plastic
Mosaics (large abstract broken tile)
Sock monkeys
Various types of beaded jewellry (too many vendors of that so that's definatley out)
Notebooks made from LP covers
Stained glass

Oh and in the works are baby onesies made from upcycled Rock T shirts -- not to mention the masses of repurposed felt I have on hand from felting sweaters . . . ( got a bit obsessed :)

So I have to make some decisions (not my strongest point) and get going -- anyone wanna be an my inspiration buddy?  I need someone to keep me on track!

Until next time -- T.


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