And some more of my favorites:


Charlie Bean Designs


Ok -- these are just plain adorable! Who doesn't love wee Bambies :)

And I was very impressed with the booth set up -- its amazing how lots of great product displayed creatively makes an impact. Great job guys! 





I have a little bit of an obsession with upcycled things so I loved these repurposed spoons and forks. I also loved the posie magnets made from hollow knife handles -- so very creative!

Counterpane Collectables

I have seen these incredible creations before but I am fascinated each time. Again this ties into my love of the upcycled -- all these are created from repurposed fur coats and vintage fabrics.
I did have to explain to my son that the "cat balls" are cat toys made from vintage furs. He was convinced they were made from cats :)


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