Monday, 23 November 2009

Back from Toronto

I'm back and I must say that I am most envious of Queen St West in Toronto. The selection of fabric stores, bead stores and button stores was fabulous. If only we could transplant some of those to Vancouver! I had to restrain myself but did end up with some beautiful glass beads and some new trims for the notebooks I make. If I go back I will definatly plan for some sewing projects so I can take advantage of the fabric selection!

I will be out at various craft fairs this weekend and look forward to telling you all about them. The hardest part will be choosing which ones to go to! My 9 year old is so excited as I promised him we could go together and he is definitely following in my footsteps as far as crafting goes.

I am now working on the call for artists section of the website and the local artists section. I was really happy to hear that some of the artists that I feature on the website are getting hits from me which is so great to hear. I will also be updating the stores section and resource areas so let me know if there is something that should be added or removed.

That's it for now -- hope to see you at one of the events this weekend,



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