Monday, 16 November 2009

Busy Weekend!

What a busy weekend! I am posting this from Toronto where I am working at my real job for the week -- I did manage to get to 2 craft shows this weekend before jumping on the plane though!

Circle Craft
I got a chance to go to Circle Craft on Friday eve and was really wowed by some of the talent there! I was surprised that we had to wait in line to get in -- but I guess that means good things for the exhibitors. It was really busy and talking to some of the people at the show they said that the turn out was really good this year. This year's fair was full of beautiful scarves and wraps and there was a whole range of items for pet owners that I haven't seen in past years. I did notice that there were not as many fashion booths as there were at the One of a Kind and think that that is one of the major differences between the two shows. As always there was a good range of jewelry form fashion to precious and the food section was sinful and the samples so yummy!

I ended up with a new dog coat for Aja (the chihuahua) and was able to test it out the next morning at my son's soccer game. It is so cute and really well crafted (I will post a link to the website and a pic of Aja in her new coat when I get back to Coquitlam this weekend).

Arch Bishop Carney's annual craft fair
Saturday I made it to this fair for the second year in a row. This is a big event with crafters set up in both the school's gyms. I have to admit that the second larger gym is by far the more preferable of the two as far as being an exhibitor goes but was impressed by the traffic that this fair gets. I had been seeing signs advertising the event for the past month and they were well placed and prolific. I spoke to many of the exhibitors and will be posting links to some really cool websites and crafts in the next couple of weeks. In particular there is one vendor who makes picture frames out of hockey sticks and offers framed prints of hockey players and sport celebrities. I remembered him from last year and had a great chat with him this year -- keep your eyes peeled for some pics of his work in a few weeks.
I couldn't resist the magnetic bracelets and am now wearing a beautiful one with amethyst stones. I have already noticed an improvement in circulation!

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