Friday, 8 February 2013

Events This Weekend

FOX Fair


So envious of you folk that live on the Island! There are 2 events going on in Victoria and I so wish that I could make it there. The list of vendors look fabulous and includes some names that I am not familiar with. Love new things!

United Electric

United Electric

Anyone going? Would love to see some pics and hear all about it -- I am shamelessly living vicariously through you :)

Happy crafting and and happy craft-fair-visiting!


Tamsin said...

love to see reviews of events -- lets others know what to expect :)

From West Coast Creations Facebook page: (!/WestCoastKreations?fref=pb)

Ahhhhhhh....a sweet sigh of relief as I finally sit down after a busy market day! The United Eclectic market was wonderful! Bustling all day long, with great music, exceptional organization and my two best sellers: Vintage glass magnets (sold about 80!) and Brass Anchor bracelets (sold 10, I think)! I even had to keep making more bracelets as my 'last one' kept selling. :) A great day!! Thanks to all the new customers and the market team!

Pebble Creations said...

New to your blog Tamsin and love it! I too wish I had time to peak into every Craft event in town so this is such a treat to get to hear and see inside many of the events through others reviews and pics. Such a great idea. As a crafter/vendor myself - trying to juggle 3 kids, family life and my business - scouting new shows is just about impossible. Reading some of your blog reviews has really helped me in my decision making come application time :) Many, many thanks to yourself and all the other reveiws that are posted.
Leanne from Pebble Creations

Tamsin said...

Thanks Pebble Creations! Hoping people will post their impressions and experiences with shows they attend. I have found that different shows are targeted to different audiences and knowing which ones are which helps.

One pet peeve of mine is signage. So often I head to a show and once I am there am not sure if its actually going on and if I am in the right place -- there are simply no signs!

One of the best fairs for signage is the Carney Christmas Fair -- and it shows -- their attendance numners are awesome! Simple poster board signs in and around the community as well as clear signage at the event makes such a difference! But I digress lol :)

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