Monday, 18 February 2013

Granville Island Vendors

Jane Hunter

Made it to Granville Island for the first time in ages this weekend and loved perusing the art/craft vendors there. Wish I had more time to properly look but had the kids and boyfriend with me so time was limited.

 I was on her Facebook Page, which led me to her Etsy shop and I have been drooling over her pieces ever since! Here are a couple pics of my favorites (from her Facebook and Etsy pages)
I really enjoyed June Hunter's jewelry! She is one talented lady.

Driftwood Bay

 I was also enchanted with the Driftwood Bay houses! I've actually seen these before at craft fairs and always wish I had a place to put one! I pulled these pics from their website . . .

Westcoast Gnomes

Then there was Westcoast Gnomes -- I love these little guys! So cute! Take a look at them :)

Almost like a mini craft fair!


Christine L said...

Thank you for the finds and as always for the amazing craft fair info. Take care

Tamsin said...

Awwwww **blush** thanks Christine :)

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