Tuesday, 19 February 2013

So what's everyone working on?

So what's everyone working on? Would love to see some pics of your most recent work/ creations!
We could do our own Pintrest of local art/ crafts inspiration :)

I am stupidly addicted to Pintrest -- especially stuff upcycled and/ or repurposed -- I have a board dedicated to that stuff -- not sure why, but I love when something old becomes useful/pretty/new again. My boyfriend has had to stop me from collecting used TV's to repurpose as cat beds and he has now convinced me that it's not feasible to collect pallets to transform into works of art. If only I had the time and space! I would be an upcycling queen!

I am guilty of hoarding supplies for potential projects. Any one else with me on this one? Having moved a couple times in the past few years I realize just how much stuff I have.

I have a huge collection of plastic bags -- to make more things like my lunch bag  (which is made by fusing 7-8 layers of plastic shopping bags together and then sewing them like fabric). This particular bag is over 4 years old and is still going!

I also have a collection of wool sweaters waiting to be felted as well as a supply of them that have been felted and are waiting to be made into fantastic new creations. Oh and lets not mention the collection of concert t-shirts waiting to be made into baby onsies. Value Village must shout in glee when they see me coming. But really it's not my fault, I have the craft sickness -- really I am a victim . . .

I really will get my garage organized in the near future so I can start working on some of these projects -- I swear ;0)


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